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Now you can use Push-To-Talk
on your Computer ... !

Flight Sound X - PTT
Push-To-Talk Switches:

  • The ultimate realism experience
  • Compatible with FSX-DUAL
  • Coiled cable (0.75-2m)
  • Quality PTT buttons
  • Velcro strap for easy mounting

An essential accessory for FSX-DUAL

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The FSX-PTT switches are designed to be the perfect accessory for the FSX-DUAL. With these PTT switches, users are able to individually - and realistically(!) - transmit their microphone voice to any computer program.


FUNCTIONAL - Velcro Straps allows users to mount the switches on their flight controls or other places of their choosing.

VERSATILE - The compact 750mm coiled cable design allows for easy storage, while also providing the versatility to fully extend to over 2500mm when in use.

REALISTIC - Use PTT ... and communicate like the Pros!

SO EASY - Just plug and play ... and you’re ready to go!

The FSX-PTT adapter is a great accessory for any FSX-DUAL owner!

  • Compatible with the FSX-DUAL
  • 3.5mm Right Angle audio connector type
  • Coiled cable length: 750mm
  • Un-coiled (extended) cable length: ~2500mm
  • Detachable velcro mounting strap
  • Anti-slip rubber pad on switch
  • Product Weight: 36g
  • Switch Size: ~25mm(L), 20mm(W), 10mm(D)
  • Aesthetic, robust, positive clicking swtich

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Q) What Flight Sounds products are compatible with the FSX-PTT switches?
The FSX-PTT switches are compatible with the FSX-DUAL product. The FSX-DUAL can connect up to 2 PPT switches - one for each aviation headset.

Q) Are these FSX-PTT switches required for the FSX-DUAL to operate?
No. Users may choose to use the Master PTT switch on the FSX-DUAL - which overrides any individual PTT switch.

However, for maximum realism, and in order to enable each user to have individual push to talk control over their microphone audio - then these FSX-PTT switches are required.

Q) With the FSX-DUAL, will the Pilot and Co-Pilot be able to hear each other regardless of whether or not the PTT switch is depressed?

Yes. The FSX-DUAL supports an intercom feature, whereby both users can hear each others voice regardless of whether or not a PTT is depressed.

However, users must depress the PTT switch (or activate the Master PTT switch) in order to transmit any microphone audio to the computer and any computer programs such as Skype, Flight Simulator, Team Speak etc.

Q) What product guarantees do you offer?
Flight Sounds offers a 12 month warranty on their products. Buy with confidence!

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