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Connect your helicopter/military
headset to your PC... with USB!

Flight Sound X-M
Aviation headset USB adapter:

  • Low impedance dynamic mics
  • ... and standard electret mics!
  • Robust aluminium enclosure
  • Use with flight training simulators
  • Compatible with U-174/U plugs

A great accessory for military pilots!

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Flight Sound X H product information

The Flight Sound X-M adapter is a high quality USB sound card, custom-made for Helicopter/Military Aviation Headsets.


FUNCTIONAL - Use your own aviation headset for flight simulation training scenarios...Fact 1: Real-world flying is expensive! It is well known that Flight Simulation software enables pilots to maximise their proficiency thereby reducing flying training hours.
Fact 2: A headset is often the biggest part of an aircraft that an individual actually owns and is an important, psychologically reassuring and comforting instrument.

The Flight Sound X connects these two realities. The device enables students to learn with tools that they are familiar with, thereby ultimately having a positive impact upon flight safety.

VERSATILE - Get added duty from your headset by using it with programmes like Skype!
While PC-headsets are often built to low standards, aviation headsets are high quality, robust devices. Why not increase their ‘up-time’ by utilising them with computer audio applications such as Skype etc?

Internal amplifiers boost the microphone and headphone levels necessary for driving these high-impedance Aviation Headsets. Don’t be fooled by cheaper adapters, which omit this feature!

REALISTIC - Bring the realism of your virtual flight environment to unprecedented levels...
Users are increasingly exposing themselves to unprecedented levels of flight simulation realism with internet based/online environments. Real people are flying virtual VFR/IFR routes controlled by real-life virtual ATC operators.

In addition to being functional, Aviation headsets greatly enhance the sound and feel of the simulation environment in a way that no ordinary PC-based headset could ever achieve. PC headsets often have no microphone feedback and may feel cold, remote and uninvolving.

SO EASY - Just plug and play ... and you’re ready to go!
Flight Sound X is designed to be as easy to use as possible - no additional software, no batteries, no external power sources - just one standard USB cable. Just ‘plug and play’! When users have finished with the device, simply unplug it, and the computer will revert to its original audio settings.

The Flight Sound X adapter is a great accessory for any pilot!

  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
  • Plug and Play with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X
  • Uses a standard Aviation headset socket (Compatible with U-174/U connectors)
  • Compatible with elecret microphones types and low impedance dynamic microphone types (eg: 5 ohms)
  • Powers microphone bias (+9V) from USB port (no external power needed)
  • Zero delay voice feedback/sidetone feature (PC/Mac only)
  • Output frequency response (20Hz-20KHz)
  • Weight: 100g
  • Size: 65mm(L), 55mm(W), 25mm(D)
  • Compact, robust, anodised aluminium enclosure

Reviews for the Flight Sound X adapter

A great unit, great audio, easy to get running and works perfectly. My online buddies all comment on the audio quality. Great piece of gear. Thanks for turning it out.”
Jim (New Zealand)

When I got my new headset, I thought to myself "this is so awesome, I wish I could use it with the computer for flight sim, skype, etc." so I started looking around for adapters for GA headsets to the computer. The only thing I could find was a box that basically converted the plugs to 1/8" mini plugs. It also needed a 9V battery for the microphone, and that sounded like more trouble than I wanted to deal with. I also didn't want to have to keep swapping my speakers out to use whatever I got.
So I started looking, and found ... the Flight Sound X.

This thing is PERFECT. I ordered it, and not much later it arrived at my door. Within 30 seconds (literally) I was using it. It just worked. No software to install; no messing with my existing audio cables; just plug it in, plug in my headset, and start talking.
David (USA)

In short, I very much like the concept and execution of design that you have taken. It looks to be a far higher quality and more robust product than for instance, the [NAME-OMMITED] adapter which operates via the standard soundcard jacks. Flight Sound X is a more portable and far more elegant solution.
John (England)

I bought the adapter to use with Skype ... I am just tickled with your adapter. I can't wait to get X-Plane installed and see how it sounds then!
Robin (Canada)

This is the best version of a headset adapter I've seen! All of the other ones need cumbersome batteries and need to use the phone/mic jacks :( This is a much better solution.

Fantastic customer service...
Scott (England)

Q) What aviation headsets are supported?
The Flight Sound X-M adapter supports helicopter headsets that have U-174/U plugs. This is often referred to US NATO standard. The FSX-H adapter does not support UK NATO standard, which use a different (larger) plug and a different wiring scheme. Supported aviation headsets also include the widely used David Clark H10-76.

Q) Why use USB audio as opposed to traditional analog audio?
USB offers many benefits over (cheaper) analog audio solutions. Firstly, USB is digital and therefore does not lose sound quality as the signal travels along the cable. USB also provides its own power source, thereby eliminating batteries etc. Additionally, USB by nature, means the sound device is actually a complete sound card in its own right. Hence, users have the ability to route different sounds to different sound cards! (EG: In Flight Simulator X, one can route the voice to the Flight Sound X adapter, and route the engine noises etc to external speakers!)

Q) Can I use the Flight Sound X with helicopter and military aviation headsets?
The FSX-M adapter supports connection with helicopter and military aviation headsets. Military headsets with ultra low impedance dynamic microphones (<5ohms) are indeed supported!

Note: Flight Sounds products are not intended for safety critical (eg: Military operations). Please contact Flight Sounds should you want to discuss your specific needs further.

Q) Will Flight Sound X allow me to use my aviation headset for voice communications on my computer with applications like Skype/TeamSpeak/Ventrilo?
Yes, absolutely! Many of our customers purchase our adapter for precisely this purpose.

Please note: Windows XP appears to disable your microphone feedback when using Skype . This (small) problem does not occur when using Win Vista/7. Unfortunately, this matter is beyond the scope of our product and support. Hopefully, either Skype or Microsoft will release updates in the future.

Please note: Mac OS controls the microphone side-tone volume from within the application itself (unlike windows - which controls the side-tone volume from its control panel). Unfortunately, some applications, like Skype, does not enable the use of microphone side-tone in Mac OS. Again, unfortunately this matter is beyond the scope of our product and support. Hopefully, either Skype or Apples will release updates in the future.

Q) Voice feedback (side tone), does not appear to be working. How do I enable it?
Windows may install the device with the side tone disabled, thus you may not receive microphone feedback through your headphones. Please simply refer to the product manual to enable this feature. Failing this procedure, feel free to contact the team at Flight Sounds.

Also, please read the section above.

Q) Can you use multiple Flight Sound X adapters on your computer?
Using 3rd party software (eg: Virtual Audio Cable), users can connect multiple Flight Sound X adapters together on a single PC. Such software is beyond the scope and support of our product.

Q) What product guarantees do you offer?
Flight Sounds offers a 12 month warranty on their products. Buy with confidence!

2015-10-19 FSX User Manual v2.0.pdf1.06 MB

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