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Connect multiple military headsets
to your PC... with USB!

Flight Sound X - DUAL-M
Aviation headset USB adapter:

  • Use with Multiple Headsets
  • Dynamic and Electret microphones
  • Individual Vol & Squelch Controls
  • Push-To-Talk Support

The most advanced Flight Sounds Product yet!

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The FSX-DUAL-M adapter is a high quality USB sound card, custom-made for 1 or 2 Aviation Headsets.


FUNCTIONAL - Use your own aviation headset for flight simulation training scenarios...Fact 1: Real-world flying is expensive! It is well known that Flight Simulation software enables pilots to maximise their proficiency thereby reducing flying training hours.
Fact 2: A headset is often the biggest part of an aircraft that an individual actually owns and is an important, psychologically reassuring and comforting instrument.

The FSX-DUAL connects these two realities. The device enables students to learn with tools that they are familiar with, thereby ultimately having a positive impact upon flight safety.

Additionally, the FSX-DUAL features two channels, allowing for inter-communication between two separate headsets. Each user has their own volume control option and also a separate squelch control which allows for varying degrees of background noise elimination.

VERSATILE - Get added duty from your headset by using it with programmes like Skype!
While PC-headsets are often built to low standards, aviation headsets are high quality, robust devices. Why not increase their ‘up-time’ by utilising them with computer audio applications such as Skype etc?

Internal amplifiers boost the microphone and headphone levels necessary for driving these high-impedance Aviation Headsets. Don’t be fooled by cheaper adapters, which omit this feature!

REALISTIC - Bring the realism of your virtual flight environment to unprecedented levels...
Users are increasingly exposing themselves to unprecedented levels of flight simulation realism with internet based/online environments. Real people are flying virtual VFR/IFR routes controlled by real-life virtual ATC operators.

In addition to being functional, Aviation headsets greatly enhance the sound and feel of the simulation environment in a way that no ordinary computer-based headset could ever achieve. Computer headsets often have no microphone feedback and may feel cold, remote and uninvolving.

For an even greater realism, users also have the option of utilising the push to talk features. (NB: Switches sold separately).

SO EASY - Just plug and play ... and you’re ready to go!
FSX-DUAL is designed to be as easy to use as possible - no additional software, no batteries, no external power sources - just one standard USB cable. Just ‘plug and play’! When users have finished with the device, simply unplug it, and the computer will revert to its original audio settings.

The FSX-DUAL adapter is a great accessory for any pilot!

  • Volume and squelch (background noise elimination) controls on two separate channels
  • Separate external audio volume control (for radio volume simulation)
  • Push to talk (PTT) switch support for each channel (Switches sold separately)
  • Master PTT switch to override the PTT functionality
  • LED indicators for push to talk confirmation for each channel
  • Electrical Power Switch with LED indicator
  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
  • Plug and Play with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X
  • Compatible with standard U-174/U connectors
  • Supports headset impedances of 100 to 600 Ohms
  • Supports low impedance dynamic microphones of 5 ohms
  • Supports elecret microphones that require a bias voltage of +9Vdc
  • Zero delay voice feedback (intercom) feature
  • Output frequency response (20Hz-20KHz)
  • Product Weight: 540g
  • Total Packaged Weight: 670g
  • Size: 106mm(L), 166mm(W), 55mm(H)
  • Total Packaged Size: 133mm(L), 187mm(W), 68mm(H)
  • Aesthetic, robust, anodised aluminium enclosure

Reviews for the Flight Sound X - Dual adapter

The sounds I am hearing now are real life raw sounds. ... I am very pleased and proud to own FSX Dual, with both my Dave Clark headsets I can now start teaching the the next generation what I consider to be the very best hobby one can have if at all interested in flying.

You have wonderful products that greatly enhance peoples enjoyment of this great hobby ...

Best regards to you.
Rae (Canada)

I have recently purchased the Flight Sound X Dual aviation headset adapter.
I am writing here because I have not seen a written review on this piece of hardware yet.
I must say after plugging this unit in(one USB cable required and is included), it was a painless endeavour to get it up and running with PilotEdge.
It works from Windows XP to Windows 8 and is Mac capable.
The biggest feature about the Dual is that you can set up 2 aviation headsets on the same unit.
You can converse with your co-pilot as you would in a R/W aircraft and still have the functionality to PTT for the ATC.
Although I do not have a co-pilot, I am hoping to entice some of my friends to sit with me during some flights and be able to listen to what I am hearing and saying to ATC.
There is a separate on/off switch on the box along with transmit lights for each channel.
There is also individual volume and squelch controls for each channel.
I must mention that using the PTT button on my PFC yoke for ATC means that you have to set up the Dual to ignore the remote PTT function(cables and PTT buttons not included). This is easily done with a flip of the switch at the back of the unit but leaves the LED lights of the Transmit indicators always on.
As for the clarity of sound, it is outstanding -from listening to myself talk thru the headset and listening back to myself on the audio recordings.
This is a far better system that I had previously.
I was running a David Clark HC13(I think that is the model) plugged into a BS-12 headset adapter and that was plugged into a GF-ATC(because I wanted to have squelch) and then finally to the computer itself.
I am now running just the Flight Sound X Dual along with a Bose Aviation X headset.
I tried the Bose headset on the old system and had the same audio quality as the David Clark's. Which was OK, but still was not clear enough for me.

I know that some people are looking to have that real aviation sound that is a little more garbled. Then this is not for you.
But if you like to listen to good clear quality sound- you might want to check this out.
Here is the link to the website if anyone is interested: https://www.flightsounds.com/fsx-dual

I am in no way affilated with this company and just wanted to throw in my two cents on this product.
Vincent Meier

Just got The Flight Sounds FSX Dual intercom and this is one of those products that is great for what its made to do! Out-of-box, it is easy to set up, use and is very well built. USB Connection time was about 10 minutes, which included mounting with Velcro. The volume controls operate smoothly and include not only headphone level adjustment, but also a volume control for the background noises (engine, propeller, etc.). Simulator (X-Plane 10) configuration was extremely quick and, other than adjusting the microphone level, was ready to use right when we plugged it in. The Intercom performed extremely well with Pilot Edge and we could here the controllers very well without any static or distortion. Also, it has two rear jacks for connecting an external push to talk switch if your simulator yoke does not have one built in. It is great for two pilot applications or instructor-student situations as it has jacks for two headsets.The FSX Dual is well packaged and is shipped with a very helpful user guide. Overall, this is an excellent intercom.
Jeff (USA)

Q) What aviation headsets are supported?
The FSX-DUAL-M adapter supports industry Helicopter Headsets, with electret and low impendance dynamic microphones.

Q) Why use USB audio as opposed to traditional analog audio?
USB offers many benefits over (cheaper) analog audio solutions. Firstly, USB is digital and therefore does not lose sound quality as the signal travels along the cable. USB also provides its own power source, thereby eliminating batteries etc. Additionally, USB by nature, means the sound device is actually a complete sound card in its own right. Hence, users have the ability to route different sounds to different sound cards! (EG: In Flight Simulator X, one can route the voice to the FSX-DUAL, and route the engine noises etc to external speakers!)

Q) Can I use the FSX-DUAL-M with helicopter and military aviation headsets?
Yes. The FSX-DUAL-M supports both electret AND low impedance microphones.

Q) Will FSX-DUAL allow me to use my aviation headset for voice communications on my computer with applications like Skype/TeamSpeak/Ventrilo?
Yes, absolutely! Many of our customers purchase our adapter for precisely this purpose.

Q) Can you use multiple FSX-DUAL adapters on your computer?
The FSX-Dual product supports the use of 1 or 2 aviation headsets. Attempting to connect multiple FSX-Dual devices to a single computer is technically possible - but not recommended, and is beyond the scope of the support Flight Sounds can offer.

Q) What product guarantees do you offer?
Flight Sounds Dual offers a 12 month warranty on their products. Buy with confidence!

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